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Happy Blogmas

Okay… I know a lot of people who film a video every day in the run up to Christmas, in something called ‘Vlogmas’. So, because I have fell off the bandwagon with writing, I decided to join this gimmicky little … Continue reading

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Something New

Everyone has moments in life, where they go from the top of a hypothetical ladder, only to then end up at the very bottom of another. The most common example of this, happens during childhood. When you are one of … Continue reading

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The Best Time

It’s been one of those weeks. A slow week, where time just seems to progress so slowly, that time seems to go backwards occasionally. The only thing about getting through a slow week, is the relief when that working week … Continue reading

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That’s That Then

So Christmas is done for another year. Usually there is a ‘come down’ after Christmas, as that big day that we have been building towards is over. And it feels strange that I don’t feel that usual ‘come down’.  My … Continue reading

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Little Bits of Happiness

*A morning walk *iPod on shuffle *Packed lunches *Soaks in the bath *Coffee and catch-ups with friends *Smelling freshly cut grass *Laughing at bad jokes *Getting into a new book *Getting into a new TV show *Being caught up with … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For

Whether it is reading Facebook updates or talking to people face to face, there seems to be a lot of people complaining about the situation that they find themselves in. As if pointing the finger to something else, makes it … Continue reading

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Lone-Time Tasks

What do you do when you are alone? I usually spend time online, mostly catching up on videos and blogs, and sometimes creating my own content. I like the idea of communicating with people who are from different places in … Continue reading

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