Last Night…

It’s taken 24 hours to collect my thoughts on what happened yesterday. What happened yesterday? Well, (in case you don’t follow me on social media) I was going to see Good Charlotte for the first time in 5 years, not just that, I got meet and greet. 

Meet and greet is something contentious in the music scene, right  now. Where artists charge an extra fee, so that fans can meet artists without having to wait outside before or after the event. I have always thought it was not a good thing. Having mostly visiting small venues, with no more than 2,000 fans, it has been okay seeing the band outside the venue. I never saw the point. But when bands upsize to bigger venues, meeting them becomes difficult. That is where meet and greets become more popular. 

Last night, All Time Low‘s Back To The Future Hearts Tour came to Glasgow’s SSE Hydro Arena, and their support was Good Charlotte. Good Charlotte is a band I have been a fan of for 15 years, and who have been a massive impact on me as a person. This is a band, who’s music has helped me through the darkest periods of my life, where I considered giving up completely. 

So if I was going to do Meet and Greet for one band, it was Good Charlotte. Because All Time Low were the main band, their group for the meet and greet was a lot bigger than that for GC. ATL had 56, GC had 5. Yes, 5. We got to meet Good Charlotte and get early access into the venue. Going to the room where we’d meet the band was nerve wrecking. The butterflies were horrendous. But it was great. We had a super casual Q&A session, where it was like the 5 on them at one side of the room, and the 5 of us on the other. I had to pinch myself at one point. Benji Madden then got out his guitar, and we got to pick a song. The one that got the go-ahead was The Motivation Proclamation, my suggestion, as it has always been a favourite song. And they played it acoustically. I believe I did cry at that part. Slightly. And then we got photos. A picture taken by one of the tour managers.

 And another one, a selfie taken by Joel Madden (which would have killed me as a 16 year old).  

 Then there was lots of hugs, more small chat, then it was over. We got a GC bag, shirt and signed poster. It was beyond anything I ever thought it would be. To be able to say thank you, personally, to the band who made me who I am today, was priceless. 

We then got out early access to the venue, and got to the barrier. Funnily enough, I got to the same general area that I would get seeing GC in a smaller venue. Stage left. Between Benji Madden and Paul Thomas. Was so happy.  

 I sang along every word, and the band were as flawless as normal. I have missed them so much.  

The set list was as below: 

The Anthem

The Story of My Old Man

My  Bloody Valentine

Girls & Boys

Riot Girl

Makeshift Love

The River

Dance Floor Anthem 

I Just Wanna Live

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Because I saw the band I loved, I let the bigger All Time Low fans into the barrier, and I went for a drink. This is the way I have always done concerts, the biggest fans deserve to be at the front. I do like ATL, but I didn’t think it was fair to take up barrier space for bigger fans. It’s gig ettiquite. 

If you have ever considered doing meet and greet, do it. Other’s may speak ill of it, but that’s because they have never done it. I have achieved something I have dreamed of for 15 years, almost half my life. If you work hard, and you really want to you should do it. It really was one of the best experiences of my life,  and it really is a good idea if you are attending a big venue that offers it. Both the Good Charlotte and All Time Low meet and greets were organised by Future Beat, who do a lot of VIP deals for events. If you can, give meet and greets a chance, because it really is an opportunity for people to achieve their dreams.

Picture Post.

I missed yesterday, and feel bad for it. So, to break up the monotony of wordy posts, have some random pictures from my phone. I take a lot of photos, and I like to share. I like the colder part of the year, as everything seems to change. 



Glasgow is my favourite City in the world. Some may say it’s because on a worldwide scale, I have no visited very many cities. But I’ll just dismiss that with a wave of my hand. I need to explain a little, or I feel I should. I spent a lot of time in Glasgow, about 8 years ago, when I was studying to be a Veterinary Nurse (something I failed due to my ability to flunk exams). But I stayed in Glasgow for a total of about 6 months out of the year, and I fell in love with the place. It is one of the few places I get really excited about visiting because it holds so many memories for me, and it is one of my dreams to move there.

++Clyde River- Glasgow City Centre++

Glasgow is a really warm city, and it feels really homely, well it does to me anyway. The people are so friendly and it just feels a buzz to be there. Like any city, it is seeing its fairshare of run-down areas, but there is movement in the right direction, with people trying to improve appearance. There are a few areas in the city centre, where there graffiti projects, which aims to make things that little bit brighter.

+Glasgow Graffiti++

But, of course, the reason I was at Glasgow was for Good Charlotte. Who I swear have the world’s most obsessed fans. When it started rain/hailing, it was only GC fans in the queue outside. Yes, I was there at 10am, when the venue opened at 6.30pm. All to make sure I got to the front. It was so worth it. The Wonder Years, Framing Hanley and Four Year Strong,  all played for half an hour each, whilst GC played for an hour and 20 minutes. And GC’s set seemed to go really, really fast. Was so awesome though, so worth all the waiting and everything.

++Benji Madden, Good Charlotte++

That picture of Benji from Good Charlotte. It is really out of focus after being told to switch the flash in my camera off, but I like it. It could be the subject matter *cough* or it could be it does look quite cool. Or to me it does anyway.

Blink And You’ll Miss It

Ok, I was going to try and do this big deep and meaningful post, but I can’t do it. I just want to write about Blink 182 and how awesome they were at the Glasgow SECC last night. Although I only arrived 2 hours before the doors opened, still got to the barrier.

The Setlist

1. Dumpweed
2. Feeling This
3. The Rock Show
4. What’s My Age Again?
5. Violence
6. I Miss You
7. Stay Together For The Kids
8. Down
9. Always
10. Stockholm Syndrome
11. First Date
12. Man Overboard
13. Don’t Leave Me
14. Not Now
15. All The Small Things
16. Reckless Abandon
17. Josie
18. Anthem Pt2

19. Encore:
19. Travis’ Solo
20. Carousel
21. Dammit

Also. Travis Barker? Best drummer in the world. No arguements. I have no idea how the man isn’t terrified of heights, cause I would be, after all he’s been through. But the drum solo he did during the encore. Never seen anything like it EVER.

(video from the Aberdeen show on Monday, but couldn’t find one from the Glasgow show)

Apparently the crowd was really bad. Honestly, I didn’t notice. There was pushing, and I was squashed against the barrier, to the point I couldn’t get into my bag to get my camera. Gutted. Could have got some awesome pictures. And people compaining cause beer was getting thrown?!? What have they never been to a gig before. But the floor was slippery, and a lot of people fell over, which in a hall filled with 10,000 people, is no good thing. So a lot of people (mostly young girls) were pulled out.

When I thought I was never going to see Blink again, the fact that I got to see them, was good enough. But they never missed a beat, both Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus keeping up a great level at banter. Both guys were so funny. Even Mark with the ‘thanks to Jedward for letting us cover their song’, before ‘All The Small Things’. And little ad-libs during songs, which were probably rehearsed like crazy, but were so funny.

I just wish I knew that they would be back again, because I would relive that gig in a heartbeat.

The only pitfalls, are the floor of the arena, which is this rubbery stuff. Awesome when its dry, but a few spilt drinks and it turned into an ice rink. The SECC need to do something about that, cause I think that was the main reason so many people fell in the pit.