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Updates Smupdates

I have been having a bit of a nightmare recently. Where I don’t feel like I have anything to say. It doesn’t sound too problematic to most people, but when you are used to expressing yourself in a therapeutic way, … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder how differently people see the world. I don’t mean what they actually are looking at, but what is their focal point? For example, the picture below, is a photo I took today. A rainy day in Dunfermline. … Continue reading

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Doomed, doomed I tells ya.

I don’t know about you, but I have a habit of looking at the bad side of life. Focusing on the uncomfortable stuff that stresses you out, rather than the stuff that makes you happy. I know that every day … Continue reading

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Climbing Back On The ‘Ole Horse

I am struggling with motivation. The writing and drawing that normally gives me immense pleasure, is not doing it so much for me. And it’s a hard thing to get round. Because I tend to feel uncomfortable talking about my … Continue reading

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What is respect? Respect is something that every person feels that they deserve. This is something which came into my mind after me and my dad had a ‘discussion’, where he raised his voice, but when I attempted of countering … Continue reading

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