Oh Crumbs!


Sometimes things fall apart, and all that you can do is try to keep the crumbs on the plate.

When things fall apart, you have to garner the strength to muddle through it all in one piece. Which isn’t very easy a lot of the time. It’s just another factor of life that we must put up with, however painful it may be.

It is most painful when you have done nothing wrong, and your world seems to fall apart. Because you have done nothing wrong, it’s hard to know how to fix things.

It’s hard to accept that things will carry on, regardless of you. Because each and every person lives a life independent to one another. Which is strange when you think about how entwined people’s lives are. If something bad happens in a friend’s life, it effects you too. And because it effects us, we want to help fix it. It’s only natural.

But sometimes, the problem isn’t yours to fix. You can’t do anything to fix it, so you have to just try and ‘be there’ when needed. Which is hard, because our nature wants us to be involved. All a person can do, is focus on their life, and try to show support from afar.